Meeting your needs

F3 Asset Advisory understands the necessity for accurate information and knowledge of the current market trend.

We provide clients with concise industry specific valuations and appraisals and recognise the demand for speed and accuracy. Our professional service is trusted, and at all times assures complete client confidentiality.

We have experience in almost every asset type and can offer valuations or appraisals for a wide variety of purposes including

  • Banking and Finance – mortgage, pre-lending, inventory lending
  • Insurance – replacement, agreed value, reinstatement value
  • Insolvency – administration, liquidation, receivership, bankruptcy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – audit compliance, asset valuation
  • Taxation and Statutory requirements
  • Legal – matrimonial, nuptial, de facto, estate settlements, litigation and investigation
  • Insurance, Pre-accident & salvage. Legal/Family Law
  • Lease Security
  • Asset Registers

Providing the best valuation

Valuations and appraisals can be determined in many ways, below are some of the specialist valuations we can prepare

  • Reproduction Cost New
  • Replacement Cost New
  • Fair Market Value
  • Fair Market Value In Continued Use
  • Fair Market Value Installed
  • Fair Market Value Removed
  • Forced Liquidation
  • Orderly Liquidation
  • Salvage Value
  • Scrap Value

We appreciate our clients are not always aware of the variety of valuations or appraisals that can be applied; we can assist in determining the most appropriate basis of valuation.